Bloc Montreal announces D'Arcy-McGee, Westmount-Saint-Louis candidates

Bloc Montreal-Equipe Balarama Holness, one of two new parties, has announced its candidates for the Oct. 3 provincial election for the usually Liberal strongholds of D'Arcy McGee and Westmount-St. Louis.
Joel DeBellefeuille, the new D'Arcy McGee candidate, is "an entrepreneur and founder of the Red Coalition Inc. a non-profit organization and lobby group fighting discrimination and systemic racism."
DeBellefeuille also led the only e-petition at the National Assembly on Bill 21 and on racial profiling at the House of Commons in Ottawa.
The candidate says that “residents of D’Arcy McGee need true leadership at the National Assembly, one that’s not only going to fight for their rights, but also stand up for small businesses and people that want to contribute to the Canadian and Montreal economy.
“Due to the pandemic from mid-2020 to 2021, Montreal lost 40,000 residents. With the pressure of the pandemic, inflation, a shaky economy and Bill 96, we can see a significant exodus on the horizon along with an economic tornado."

Heidi Small, the new candidate for Westmount-St. Louis, is an "entrepreneur and co-founder of A Brilliant Night, raising funds for brain cancer; creator of chef series Beyond the Plate, and a mother of three who has lived in Westmount for more than 23 years."
Heidi Small said that “it’s important to solidify concrete measures post COVID-19 to stimulate the economy and increase tourism, which will have a positive impact on small businesses, restaurants and chefs.”
She also wants to "help small businesses that were not assisted by the provincial government during the pandemic. Fresh new leadership at the National Assembly that will fight for the rights of all Montrealers, is what this city needs right now and not the same old status quo.”
Holness says his party is "here to win" and added that “we will be fielding close to 30 candidates that will bring leadership and a clear vision for Montreal and Quebec at the National Assembly.
“The Liberal Party of Quebec led by Dominique Anglade is the CAQ in disguise. As the former president and candidate for the CAQ, Montrealers should not trust that Mme Anglade will properly represent the [community's] interests at the National Assembly.”





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