Holness: “NDG is the frontline in the fight for a multicultural, multilingual Montreal”

by Matthew Renfrew
Photo: Stefano Nichele
Holness has criticized the Quebec Liberal Party for not taking a firmer stand against Bill 96.

Bloc Montréal leader Balarama Holness has confirmed he will be running in the upcoming Quebec provincial election, representing NDG, a riding he says is vital to his party’s mission in reflecting a multicultural, multilingual Montreal in the National Assembly.
Holness has previously emphasized how Quebec’s distinct position in Canada can be used to understand Montreal’s unique position in Quebec. He recently criticized the Quebec Liberal Party for not taking a firmer stand against Bill 96.
In a statement via Twitter, Holness spoke about the importance of the upcoming election, referring to NDG as the frontline of the fight.
“I view NDG as the frontline in the fight. Not just for linguistic rights but for the rights of small businesses, seniors and the survival in many ways of a diverse, multicultural, multilingual Montreal. If it has to be done anywhere, it has to be in NDG.”
—Balarama Holness
The next provincial election in Quebec is scheduled for Oct. 3.





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