Bloc Montreal presents candidates & immigration policy

By Tina Tenneriello
Posted Aug 10, 2022, 11:21AM EDT. Last Updated Aug 10, 2022, 11:22AM EDT.

Quebec provincial party, Bloc Montreal, presented new candidates in four east end ridings Wednesday. Rizwan Rajput in Saint-Laurent, Andreà Di Stefano in Maurice Richard, Marc Réjouis in Viau and Stefano Nichele in Jeanne-Mance-Viger.
“Our momentum is growing as we expand to the eastern ridings of our metropolis,” said Balarama Holness, leader of Bloc Montreal.
The party also unveiled its immigration policy, which focuses on the needs of the Quebec economy.
“Montreal and Quebec need immigrants to sustain economic growth and to ensure that many vital industries and services such as nursing homes, health care, hospitality, agriculture, construction and knowledge-based industries are thriving,” Holness said.
If elected, Bloc Montreal plans on conducting an annual, politically independent assessment of the number and type of immigrants needed in each region of Quebec and of the province’s capacity to integrate in each region. As well as select immigrants on the basis of the needs of our economy rather than language considerations.
Among their list of immigration priorities are facilitating and expediting the recognition of credentials of foreign-trained immigrants and modernizing and streamlining the immigration and refugee processing system.





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